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This review gives a very good introduction, including screenshots.

You may also find this tutorial on installing Puppy Linux helpful.

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Dropbox Uploader GUI

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Puppy Linux 412 is an operating system compatible with many vintage computers, including AMD K6 and Intel Pentium II-era machines. Operating systems and software are hosted here in 412 Collection.

Latest Additions

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Package updates

Posted on 17-Feb-2019

tools_tn.pngFirefox, glibc-2.7, Mozilla Add-ons, SeaMonkey, SoftMaker PlanMaker and TextMaker (changed, not updated) and TrayManager.


Posted on 06-Oct-2018

mencoder_tn.pngVideo format converter.


Posted on 06-Oct-2018

mplayer_tn.jpgMedia player with multiple-format support.

Package updates

Posted on 06-Oct-2018


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